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God’s Plan

Have you ever had a dream or vision that you thought was just yours, a great idea but realistically never thought you’d ever start it much less go through with it?

This business was just THAT for me…

An idea that inspired me but I never REALLY thought I would do anything about it. It was out of reach. It was crazy. Where would I find the time or the money or the know how? I mean, I had excuses for days of why it could never work. What do they call it…a pipe dream?

But one day the focus of the dream shifted from what I wanted to what God wanted. Me just wanting to design and make really cool t-shirts, to a way to spread His light and love and allow people to wear their faith. That’s when I knew it was never really my idea at all. It was a divine calling, a whisper from above, an almost annoying pull to do it and to do it for Him.

I mean I was a little offended that I was no longer going to get credit for this great idea but also had the somber realization that with it no longer being a selfish want but now a divine calling, that I might actually have to..

take a step

make a move

answer the call

It’s easy to put yourself off and make excuses, it is far harder to turn down a God given assignment.

So here I am literally 2 years post dream! Just trying to trust and obey everyday.

It’s hard. I struggle. I am uncomfortable a lot. I mess up often. I regroup. I try again. It’s been hard. Did I already say that?

Here’s the thing tho. God made all of my excuses disappear. The money, the time, the know how. One step at a time He has made it a reality. I am closer to Him. I read my bible more. I Pray more. I look for Him more. I wait. I watch. I’m experiencing it all unfold and know without a doubt that I am not alone.